Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

The Purely Yours Breast Pump Carry All is one of the best breast pumps that we have seen. There are many reasons that make this Ameda breast pump one of the best ever. It is perfect for mothers who are following a full time schedule, also for people who are looking for a rapid and easy-pumping experience. This breast pump helps to offer users flexibility, styling and convenience – everything that one looks for. What are some of the features that make it so special? Firstly, there is Custom Control. This is a dual suction and adjustability that allows a mother to choose from 32 different combinations that are available to provide the best comfort and milk flow every time they pump.

The Proven Airlock Protection refers to the diaphragm. This prevents air from entering the storage and coming into contact with your milk. You will find that you do not have to clean the narrow tube every time you use and so your milk stays pure throughout its storage time. The next feature is the CustomFit Flange System. If the standard size does not come to your liking, you will have 6 additional sizes to make sure they provide you with the comfort you would want.

There are also 3 different power sources that you can use: AC adapter, car adapter and 6 AA batteries. It’s entirely lightweight and portability isn’t an issue as it only weight 1 pound.


Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Carry All Specs

  • One (1) Motor unit for your Purely Yours Breast Pump
  • One (1) dual HygieniKit milk collection system without any DEHP or BPA
  • One (1) microfiber shoulder bag
  • One (1) AC power adapter
  • One (1) Cool N Carry milk storage tote with cooling elements
  • Guidelines for milk storage
  • Six (6) 4 ounce bottles with a 2-piece lock tight cap
  • One (1) set of instructions

Ameda Breast Pump Carry All Reviews

For many people, this breast pumping system was cheaper than most competitors’ products. The milk was protected a lot more effectively from harmful elements in the environment especially sunlight etc. The diaphragm protected the pump and the tubing. All parts of the kit are easy to wash, since there are only 3. Many mothers expressed their liking towards the kit being softer on their nipples. When you breastfeed, the nipples become sore and hard because of the baby’s constant sucking but the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump removes all such problems.